Diagnostic Assessment

Transformation Plan-(Operational) Due Diligence Appraisal

Assess your cost – saving potential and capabilities.
Develop a plan to gain a profitable and sustainable business function.
In AscentiWay we provide an In-depth diagnostic review of selected processes in your organization.

Based on a unique diagnostic methodology, our team of experts conducts a thorough real- time review of selected operational processes (through observation, interviews, desktop reviews and audits).

Staff is early involved in the process, guided and trained, in order to be able to contribute to the identification of problematic areas, procedural wastes, and weaknesses.

In a timeframe of 4-5 weeks our project team provide the following outputs of the above procedure

  • Identification and Analysis of Waste (based on Lean Methods)
  • Current status process map
  • Improvement plan through process reforming
  • Future status process map
  • Expected Benefits and Financial expected outcomes

Acquire Reviews and Insights of current operational procedures with regards to waste, inconsistences, risks and inhibitors of efficiency and optimum outcomes

Benefits Due Diligence:

The Ascentiway in Operational Due Diligence

AscentiWay has developed a unique methodology to conduct Diagnostic Reviews and Operational Due Diligence (ODD) appraisals.

In AscentiWay ODD reviews we give the expertise to various organizations from different industries to evaluate current risks and the financial improvement potential for their performance.

In the frame of ODD appraisal, main operations of the target company are examined in order to confirm realization of the business plan goals by the existing operational structures and facilities plus the capital expenditure that has been defined – or is to be defined by the investor (s). Potential risks and need for further investment to achieve the optimum or desired level of quality for the final service or product is crucial information for any acquisition of purchase negotiation.

  • Identification of Continuous improvement opportunities targeting both the personnel activities and the end – customer’s experience (at 3 levels: Quality – Costs – Delivery Improvements)
  • Improvement Plan overview
  • Financial opportunity (translating waste to savings)!!! Cumulative investment # Cumulative benefit estimations

Watch your business future through Ascentiway point- of- view

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Diagnostic Assessment